About Christ Podcasting

Christ Podcasting is a community of podcasts produced by a range of Christian groups that seek to teach the Word of God as found in the Bible. We believe that the Bible is the ultimate authority of truth and that in it, God reveals his plan of salvation through his son, Jesus Christ.

As a podcasting network, we seek to provide this resource to groups as a managed service for free. By making this a shared resource, the hope is that smaller groups can benefit from a much larger platform. We want to provide groups with easy tools that make it efficient to reach lots of people. Since this podcasting network has a core focus on teaching God’s word, it also provides a central hub to promote and advertise content for a Christian audience.

Being a free service, we rely on money from donations to continue running. If you visit the donation page you can find out how the money is being used and see how close we are to reaching required targets to run.

If you would like to talk to us, send us an email at hello@christpod.net.